Countdown to the big day is one month, 29 days and closing

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 12, 1999

Published Oct. 12, 1999

I have been chastised about not writing anything funny lately. Sometimes it comes, and sometimes it doesn’t. All I can do is write about what is happening in my life and hope you enjoy it.

All 375 invitations are done! Needless to say I’ll be surprised if I don’t suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome at some point because of hand addressing all those envelopes myself. But at least now the biggest part of my worries is over. I definitely feel accomplished.

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Now it’s time for the fun stuff! We had a "crafty gathering" yesterday out at the Pike Pioneer Museum for family members, friends and I to make the party favors and the rice bags. (By the way, you can rent the room out there and it is really nice, especially with all the scenery.)

Yes, I know we are supposed to use birdseed instead. But the church will not allow us to use birdseed. It attracts birds and causes weeds to grow. I guess they feel having to mow the grass is a bigger problem than killing the birds. But, that’s what the church committee voted to do, so I have to go along with it.

We had fun being "crafty." Mema and Aunt Margaret Jane decided to work together as a team on the bags. Maw Maw commented that she wished she had thought about having a party like this for her daughter’s wedding. She made all of her favors all by herself. Mama doesn’t remember having wedding favors. And of course my friends helped cut out tulle for what seemed like days.

I have to admit I’m getting a little bit excited. I got our first wedding gift yesterday from Mama. Because this gathering was not an actual shower, she wanted me to have something to open. It was a beautiful glass ornament with angels and "Our first Christmas" written upon it.

Just about all of the fittings are done. The bridesmaids dresses are almost through. The groomsmen have just about all been measured. My father was a little dismayed to find out he could not wear a leather tuxedo. Not only are they hard to find, but they are very, very expensive and he has to spend his money for the reception.

My wedding dress is absolutely gorgeous. It came in last week and I had my first fitting. It is just as beautiful as the day I tried it on, except this time it fits. That reminds me of something else that happened last week.

When mother and I were first looking for my dress, we tried several stores.

There was one particular store we knew we wanted to go in and look for the dress. There was a lady there that I had worked with years ago in Dothan. Of course I thought that because of that previous experience that she would be great to help us find the dress. I was wrong. She was rude, pushy and in a hurry for me to find a dress and hurry up and order it so it would be here in time for the wedding. Needless to say my mother told her we were not buying a car so she needed to stop pressure selling us, and we left with a bad taste in our mouth.

We went to another store kind of related to that one and, after being prodded by the owner, told her of our experience at the other store. We found out last week that the lady who was so rude to us had been relieved of her duties. I guess she learned the hard way about good customer service.

With only one month and 29 days left to go it all seems to be rushing at me now. There are so many little things left to do, but I’m sure I’ll get it all done with a little prayer and help from friends and family.

Remember there is a reason and a purpose for everything.

Amnda Bradley is a staff writer for The Messenger.