Hunting is a time for

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 19, 1999

strict safety measures

Published Oct. 19, 1999

As more and more seasons for hunting open, people around Pike County will trample off to the woods with bows, muzzle loaders and high powered rifles to seek game and an opportunity to spend valuable time outdoors.

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While we wish them success in their endeavors, we would like to take this space to caution people of the dangers of hunting and of firearms.

Unloaded guns have been blamed for causing many deaths in recent years. People failed to check a weapon to see if it was loaded, or carelessly checked only to find out they were wrong.

Guns are deadly. They have come under scrutiny from many organizations for the damage they have caused people and for the lives they have claimed.

Guns are like any other weapons. They can easily cause harm to people if they are not properly handled.

Fathers and sons have often come together on hunting trips. Friends have been made and glorious memories have been filed away as the result of interaction with comrades and with nature.

But hunting trips can easily end in tragedy if several simple rules are not strictly followed.

– Treat all guns as if they are loaded.

– Never place a loaded weapon in a vehicle.

– Wear prominent and colorful clothing when hunting in areas where hunting traffic is high. Wear regulation orange and follow the letter of the law when hunting.

– Never climb into a tree with a loaded weapon. Always unload your gun before going up into a tree stand.

– Know your firearm and its power and functions. Know how to handle it.

– Keep your weapon’s safety active at all times. Never take it off unless you plan to shoot.

– And never, NEVER, point your weapon at something you don’t plan to shoot.

Be careful and cautious in the woods, and follow basic standards of hunting safety. Good luck in your future hunts.