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Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 19, 1999

completion of city complex


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Published Oct. 19, 1999

Renovations at the city of Troy Municipal Complex should be complete by year’s end, according to Mayor Jimmy Lunsford.

The $4 million improvement project is being done in two phases, he said. Phase One is complete. Whaley Construction Company is working on the renovations.

Construction work on Phase 2 of the complex is ahead of schedule, Lunsford said.

The Troy Fire Department a

nd Southeast Alabama Gas District are expected to move into their new buildings in January.

"The buildings themselves are ready to be occupied now, but we want to wait until Walnut Street is clear to open them," he said. "We do not want to open the buildings until everything is complete, including landscaping, because we are concerned the construction equipment might affect public safety.

"It would be awful if there was a fire and the fire truck couldn’t get out because of a piece of construction equipment in its way."

Phase One included an addition to city hall, the renovations to the Old National Guard Armory and the addition of a general maintenance building to the city complex.

Both parts of the municipal building are now handicap accessible. Along with the addition came a facelift for all the municipal buildings to make the whole complex have the same architectural style, he said.

City leaders are planning an open house when they complete Phase 2 next year. The celebration is scheduled for May 6, 2000.

"By then, the landscaping will be complete, and we should have nice weather," Lunsford said. "Walkways will be completed, and people will be able to enjoy walking between buildings."

Phase Two of the project includes renovations and additions to the Public Safety Building, Lunsford said. Also underway are improvements to the Southeast Alabama Gas District Building. New parking lots, landscaping and sidewalks will be added to tie together the three-block complex.

"These major improvements in the area should complement the Downtown Redevelopment Project," Lunsford said.

Work on Phase Two began this past winter. When completed, it will include a Troy Fire Department, located between City Hall and the old Public Safety Building. The renovated Public Safety Building will house the Troy Police Department and Municipal Court.

Additions and renovations being made to the Public Safety Building will transform it into a more user-friendly facility for the police department, Lunsford said. The work includes relocating municipal court to the first floor so it will be closer to the jail. This move will help protect officers, prisoners and citizens, he said.

The second floor will house the police department. The third floor will store records and house the evidence and dark rooms. Another change is moving the front entrance of the police department from Elm Street to North Brundidge Street.

The police department in temporarily located in trailers at the corner of North Brundidge and Elm streets.

Landscaping and road improvements around the complex will be the final part of Phase Two, he added.

Funds from a grant will allow the City to tie the renovated city complex into the downtown square. The City received an ISTEA federal grant to add sidewalks, a parking lot and landscaping in the area of Oak and Walnut streets, Lunsford said. These improvements are also expected to be finished by May 6.

A nine-foot monument to commemorate the city’s Year 2000 Celebration will be erected in front of city hall at the center of the Troy Municipal Complex as a finishing touch.

"It will be leftover after our celebration and left for the next century. The names of our celebration committee members will be inscribed at the base of the monument."

The monument, which will consist of "a perpetual gas-operated flame," will be created by Brundidge artist Ronald Godwin, he said.

"We decided to use his work because he is a local artist and has a tremendous record with these kinds of projects."