Meeks worthy of honor bestowed by council for dedication to duty

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 31, 1999

A deserving man was honored by a city that he has spent 24 years shaping and developing as a leader in business and government.

Charles Meeks, whose political career began in 1975, was honored for his accomplishments by the City of Troy during a meeting of the City Council that he has been part of for years.

The award was deserved. As a mover and shaker in the community since he began his business, Meeks Termite and Pest Control, Charles Meeks has been instrumental in passing critical legislation that has helped Troy grow over the years.

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His friends speak highly of him, and his constituents support him and his efforts. Now, even his peers have paid homage to his contributions over the years.

While Meeks is proud of the things the city has done over the years he has been on the council – 21 of the past 24 years – he is modest about his contributions.

"I haven’t accomplished anything by myself," Meeks said. "By working with other commissioners and council members and the mayor, together we have accomplished a lot."

The list of achievements is indeed impressive.

Meeks and the Council members he has served with over the years have done the following things:

-Increased recreation fields with the addition of ball fields at Knox Street, Academy Street and Franklin Drive

-Purchased the James Oscar Colley Sr. Senior Complex for senior activities

-Recruited of industries and major employers, such as Miltope and Sikorsky Support Services

-Increased support for education by giving the school system $75,000 to $700,000 a year to pay utilities

-Increased the efficiency of all the city’s departments, including administration, public safety, public works and utilities

-Built recycling center

-Added another sub station in 1996 to supply electricity and upgraded sewage facilities

-Continued renovations and additions at Troy Municipal Complex

And of course there are a few others that cannot be over stated.

Meeks said the most important accomplishment of Troy City Council was selling the hospital to a private management company.

"That hospital was costing the city $.5 million a year to operate. We got $14.5 million profit for the hospital, and it kept us from further expenses," he said. "We agreed to invest that profit in a trust."

Ninety percent of the interest from that trust goes to the city’s General Fund, and 10 percent of the interest earned is reinvested so the fund grows, he said.

The city also continued to increase recreational facilities by building the Troy Sportsplex dedicated to W. Bo Gaylard.

"We have as nice a recreational facility there as anywhere in the state," Meeks said.

Besides his work as a council member, Meeks is a businessman. He has been in the pest control business for 39 years, he said. He is a member of the Alabama Pest Control Association and has held every office in the association. Meeks is also a member of Troy Rotary Club.

He is married to Josephine Rodgers, and they gave two grown sons Tim and Greg.

Through the work of Charles Meeks and people like him, Troy has proven itself to be a progressive city with a big vision.

Meeks is an example worth looking toward for a model of a man who prides himself on public service. We applaud his accomplishments and those who chose to honor him for his work.