Saudis – Friend or foe?

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 20, 2002

They are called friends, but with them we need no enemies. Try this count: 15 of 19 hijackers of

911 were Saudis. Eighty percent of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay are Saudis. The prize of the crop, bin Laden. is a Saudi. Tracking down al-qaeda funding by the Saudis stands at zero.

The Saudi crown prince came to President Bush’s ranch for a stay and the word was given out – his majesty agreed with the stand of the U.S. concerning terrorism. What they won’t agree to for free meals and being extorted by President Bush!

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Adding up the scale let’s not forget they refused to hand over the man responsible for the 1996 bombing of the marine barracks in Lebanon.

We could have had bin Laden but the Saudis refused a U.S. request to turn him over to us and bin Laden went to Afghanistan -you know what we’ve been doing there. We’re still no nearer to capturing him in 2002.

Saudi friends? We do poorly in their media, we are linked in their vile anti-Jewish stories.

There is no freedom of speech or religion there.

During the Gulf War President Bush (the daddy not the son) was not allowed to conduct a religious service on Saudi land.

Women are restricted and physically assaulted by religious police who patrol the streets.

Saudis have financial mosques in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Western Europe, and the United States. You’ll find one on Leesburg Pike in Virginia.

Kids from these mosques spread the anti-Jewish, anti-U.S. word and claim they would fight for Islam against the United States or Israel. Americans? Wow!

Why do we call the Saudis our friends? One reason in a word – Oil! However, we are seeing daylight now as we are being helped by Russia, a former enemy and now a friend, and Mexico, a friend to the south.

It’s tough keeping friends if you’re a country.