Be alert to kids this summer

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 30, 2002

As spring changes into summer, so to do most children transform from students to ordinary kids.

Books are tossed aside for a few months, and the race is on for many to enjoy every single moment of vacation.

One of the perils for youngsters is that more of them will be on the sidewalks and streets walking, running, skating, and bicycling. This makes for increasing danger to them and drivers.

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Drivers need to be especially alert to the sudden appearance of children darting in and out between parked cars and playing on the streets. Also, please be aware that summer school begins Monday, and there will be buses loading and unloading students.

True, children have little to no concept of their vulnerability, but that doesn’t excuse parents from warning them, nor the kids from paying attention – at least for their own sake, if not their guardians’ sanity.