Our generosity will be the end of us

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 4, 2002

At present we are at war with one Muslim country – Afghanistan. As we are prone to do, we fight them in the north and send money and supplies to those suffering in the south.

Israel enjoys &uot;favorite nation&uot; with the U.S. and many Muslim countries resent it. The members of the Taliban resent it more than most. We are such a giving nation. I keep wondering when the money will run out. To get Pakistan to be a friend cost Bush $50 million and their hand is always stretched out waiting and even expecting more.

Saudi Arabia claims friendship with us yet their media does a real job on us. We are linked in their anti-Jewish stories and the refused a chance to deliver bin Laden to our custody. We all know what he’s up to today. When the Saudi prince came to visit the U.S. he had more in mind than George W’s hospitality at his ranch. The prince came to bring War Emblem, his horse, to have fun at the Kentucky Derby, which he won along with the Preakness.

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Next on our war agenda is Muslim Iraq and Saddam Hussein. Bush would give his eyeteeth to conquer Saddam. His father missed doing it during the Gulf War so it’s a family thing – get Saddam!

Across the border lies Iran, which supplies any Muslim country with weapons to be used against the U.S. Yet a horrible earthquake hit Iran a few days ago. Before anyone could say &uot;How much damage,&uot; President Bush was on the air saying how much money would be on its way to Iran. I’m all for charity, but has no one suggested to Bush it begins at home?

Iran sent boatloads of weapons to Yemen, which in turn bombed our USS Cole killing our sailors and leaving the Cole with a repair job of many millions. Our generosity will be the end of us one day and the Muslims won’t be our bosom buddies, either.

Florence Arena is a resident of Hillcrest Retirement Center in Suffolk and a regular News-Herald columnist.