Rescue squad needs your help

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 9, 2002

What does rain have in common with the Nansemond-Suffolk Volunteer Rescue Squad?

You won’t appreciate either until they’re gone.

The rain will fall. Eventually. And so far, the staff of the NSVRS has not abandoned its mission to save lives. So far.

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Though we can do nothing to bring needed water for crops and reservoirs, we can encourage the squad members to continue their good work in spite of the $220,000 funding shortfall it has experienced this year.

Just last year the squad answered 7,500 emergency calls. Had the rescue service not been there, it is safe to say that many of the people needing medical treatment would be dead.

The NSVRS gets only so much funding, and it lost a recent source of needed income when the City said the volunteers could no longer hold out buckets in front of drivers or pedestrians. This has generally brought in about $10,000 each time. It would be nice if the City could make an exception, but the decision is evidently based on a state code.

But rather than rant and rave to Richmond about this matter, it would be more effective to simply ask residents to donate some money. Any amount is welcome. Many of you contribute through your civic league or social club. That’s good, but there are still many more people who could be giving.

A reminder: the squad doesn’t charge per visit. Although we think that wouldn’t be a bad idea. But which would you rather do: Give now and know that the squad is able to help you, a loved one or friend when an emergency occurs? Or suffer an insult to injury (so to speak) by coughing up a couple hundred dollars before treatment is made available?

To make contributions to the Nansemond-Suffolk Volunteer Rescue Squad, mail to P.O. Box 1515, Suffolk, Va. 23439