Soccer team kicking about for financial aid

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 4, 2002

Last weekend, Daman Stancill, Mike DeJesus and Bill Higbea, and David Smith did their city proud at the &uot;Got Milk? 3-on-3&uot; soccer tournament in Norfolk, winning six consecutive games to take first place in the tournament. For their Aug. 9 trip to Nashville, Tenn. to play in regional competition, the foursome needs its city’s help to make ends meet.

&uot;It’s going to be tough,&uot; said Smith. &uot;Just the registration fee for the tournament is $200, and then there’s gas money and hotel rooms.&uot; All in all, the team’s expenses are expected to run into the thousands.

The youths, known collectively as the Suffolk Cavaliers, would also like to purchase jerseys showing their Suffolk pride. &uot;People were making fun of us at the tournament in Norfolk because all we had were dirty, mismatched T-shirts,&uot; said Higbea. If local businesses were willing to sponsor them, the team would give these well-wishers some local advertising. &uot;We would put the names of all our sponsors all over our jerseys, and create a logo of our own,&uot; said Smith. DeJesus hopes to create a huge banner extolling the good deeds of all sponsors.

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The team’s good fortune at Norfolk gives them confidence for the regional tournament; after losing their first game 7-5 to Sti Soccer of Norfolk, they won their next six by a combined score of 44-9.

&uot;In our first game, we were just getting used to things,&uot; said Higbea. &uot;It was a wake-up call. We decided to play one man forward and two in the back, and after that we were rolling.&uot;

The region’s top four teams (or five, depending on the number of teams that show), will head to Walt Disney World later in August to play in the national tournament.

&uot;I think we have a good chance to make it there,&uot; said Smith. &uot;Of course, then we’d need even more money!&uot;

Want to help? Call Smith at 255-4919.