Disposition and ego

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 10, 2002

Mark today. Don’t put that X or a star (however you mark days) in red – use black – more fitting. Today you meet a usually gay, light-headed, cheerful person whose words for the day are &uot;great, super or ideal.&uot; But instead all that keeps popping into my head is &uot;Yeeck.&uot; Make that all capital letters. Today deserves capitals.

I know hundreds of you (notice the disposition gone – the ego remains high) wonder what brought this about (Down ego! Hundreds? Ha!). Well, I haven’t an explanation that does it justice. I could look up some stuff and dazzle you with an explanation that makes you gasp and think how smart I am, but I feel too lousy to go to that length.

My dad was the most cheerful, even-tempered man you could meet with eight kids, two jobs, a house (spells mortgage) a car – only a few had them (spells car loan) – and in his mind college lurking for all eight. He wouldn’t have it any other way. College was the only way you could live in his house (or ride in his car.)

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My &uot;yeeck feeling&uot; is lessening as I think of this man. I adored him.

This feeling so lousy brings on thoughts that say two words – &uot;long ago.&uot; No idea how this came to mind – has nothing to do with &uot;yeeck.&uot;

But I began to think about a time when I was 13 just shy of 14 and I had a dancing school – nearly 20 students with three older than the teachers. Had a recital in the Knights of Columbus hall. Fourteen by now and a big shot, Made $42 – compare to 500 today, How all this fits in with &uot;yeeck&uot; I have no idea, but it should send &uot;yeeck&uot; flying.

I am not a down person, nor do I enjoy even an occasional lousy day. I want no part of it. I’m not a silly Merry Sunshine, either. I can’t abide that one.

I guess the &uot;Yeeck&uot; is leaving. I certainly hope so. I hate depressing people. Glad I’m not one. Good-bye &uot;Yeeck.&uot;

Florence Arena is a Suffolk resident and a regular News-Herald columnist.