Young man demonstrates his honor

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Ravon Evans Butler is a 17-year-old with his priorities in order. His deep faith and love of God recently helped him make a decision that brought plenty of praise his way.

Butler, a Windsor High School student who plays guard for the Windsor &uot;Dukes,&uot; was honored for his integrity. He was presented with a plaque describing him as being of &uot;sterling character and a reputation of promoting Christian principals in his community.&uot;

The young man also received a letter of commendation from the chief operating officer of Dairy Queen, where Butler has worked for the past 13 months. That letter also praised the youth for his &uot;good old-fashioned American ideals of honesty and pride in doing a good job.&uot;

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Butler received all this praise after immediately turning in a wallet he found containing cash, credit cards, various &uot;important papers,&uot; and a driver’s license.

&uot;I didn’t have to think about it because I already knew the right thing to do was to turn it in,&uot; said Butler. &uot;I just wanted to get it back to the owner because I know how my mama would feel if it was her wallet.&uot;

In fact, Butler’s mother, Frances D. Butler, said her son has brought her nothing but joy for all his years.

&uot;He learned honesty very early and he’s been a wonderful son as well as a good person,&uot; she said. &uot;He’s gone to the same church since I carried him in my body and he listened to the preaching and singing there. Since his birth, he’s proven himself dedicated to God and His service.&uot;

Ravon Butler’s service to God is not typical for a youth his age. He not only serves as spokesman for the youth department of Chapel Grove United Church of Christ, but also on many Sundays he can be found near the pulpit. He offers prayers and calls on the people of the church to pray. Other than that, he also serves as an usher for the church.

&uot;I only know that I love God and it’s my devotion to him and wanting his approval that I knew I had to do the right thing,&uot; said Butler. &uot;Mr. Dew was very surprised to get it back.&uot;

Howard B. Dew of Draper was on his way to observe the launch of the space shuttle &uot;Endeavor&uot; when he lost his wallet. He wrote a letter of commendation to Dairy Queen’s chief operating officer describing Butler as &uot;decent and honorable.&uot;

&uot;Ravon Butler has renewed my faith in American youth,&uot; a portion of Dew’s letter reads.

As for the future, Frances Butler said she believes her son will become a man of God. However, he has different ideas on this matter.

&uot;I plan to attend Virginia Tech and I’m thinking about a career as an electrician,&uot; he explained. &uot;But, everyone keeps telling Mama that she has a future minister on her hands. I keep searching for the answer and I know God will answer my prayers and let me know if I am truly called for his service.&uot;

Ms. Butler just holds fast to her faith and God.

&uot;It’s not an easy thing to raise a son alone but I’ve had God and He’s had me,&uot; she explained. &uot;Ravon is living proof that just because you’re a single mother does not mean your children have to turn out badly. Ravon is a son any mother would be proud to call her own.&uot;