Carpenter crafts book about dreams on CD

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 26, 2002

The fleeting images and faces that pass through John Fann’s dreams at night aren’t forgotten.

The carpenter usually jots down the details of his nocturnal inner-movies.

Then, come morning, he analyzes the images, searching for hidden meanings and for ways to apply them to his daily life.

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&uot;I’ve always patterned my life by the dreams,&uot; said Fann, a carpenter who spent much of the past year working on woodwork inside Obici Hospital’s new facility.

Now, Fann, 48, is making it easier for others to understand and interpret their own dreams.

He recently unveiled &uot;Ethervoices,&uot; a book on compact disc that revolves around his interpretations of readings by the late Edgar Cayce, a clairvoyant based in Virginia Beach.

Between the early- to mid-20th century, Cayce did thousands of readings related to dreams, health and the like. Today, nearly six decades after his death, people from around the world use resources from Cayce’s organization, the Association for Research and Enlightenment.

&uot;There is a fountain of knowledge in the Cayce readings,&uot; said Fann. &uot;But most people can’t understand the messages in them.

&uot;They sort of have a language all their own. My immediate goal is to update the readings (by putting them into terms) that can be understood by all.

&uot;I hoping this CD will educate people and help them to become more adept at interpreting their own dreams.&uot;

Although plans are in the works to publish a paperback version, &uot;Ethervoices&uot; is now only available on CD. Besides an A-Z dictionary on defining items in dreams, the book pulls excerpts from dozens of Cayce’s dream-related readings, Fann said.

Although most people have several dreams each nigh, they usually forget them by morning, he said. He urged people to begin keeping a dream journal; that is, waking up long enough to record the ideas and details of specific dreams in a notebook kept near their beds.

Clear details are particularly important for effective dream interpretations. &uot;Try to remember everything you can – colors, faces and the like – because it all means something,&uot; said Fann.

For example, if you dream you are riding in a car and preparing to make a turn, even the direction of the turn matters, Fann said. A turn to the left is telling the person to look into his past; the right, into his future. Even the style of a piece of furniture in your dream matters, he said. For example, seeing an antique chair rather than a modern recliner usually symbolizes something old.

More than 700 copies of &uot;Ethervoices&uot; have been sold by a handful of Hampton Roads merchants over the past two months, said Fann. Locally, several merchants – including Skin-Sational and Copico in Suffolk and Second Time Around in Franklin –

are selling the CD.

People can also get the CD for $10 by e-mailing Fann at

Additionally, Fann is talking with retailers in six other states and Canada about carrying the CD.

Fann’s gift first became evident to his parents when he was a young boy who innocently told his mother of his vivid dreaming of having been struck by a car. His mother shrugged it off until 7 p.m. the next day, when the astute 9-year-old was run over by a car outside his home in Elkhart, Ind.

Fann said his dreams brought him to Hampton Roads, led him to Cayce’s readings and ultimately to write the book.

While he was still living in Indiana, Fann recalls dreaming of five numbers on a regular basis. &uot;The numbers 2-3-4-5-1 kept shouting themselves out in my dreams,’ he said. &uot;I never realized what they were until after I noticed a package arrive at my sister’s house from the ARE – with the zip code 23451.&uot;

Once he was in Virginia Beach, he began dreaming about personal checks. &uot;In particularly, the numbers at the top of the checks,&uot; Fann said. &uot;Each of those numbers ended up related to the number of a personal reading.&uot;

Later, a voice directed him to move to Franklin and write a dream dictionary. &uot;I’ve read a lot of other dream books over the years but they never quite made sense to me,&uot; Fann said &uot;I’ve taken a spiritual approach to the age-old mystery of dreams.&uot;