Anonymous tips not very reliable

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 28, 2002

A day or so ago, someone anonymously sent us a &uot;tip&uot; via the Web page. We won’t repeat that supposed news lead in print because it clearly reads to us as slander (and libel if we print it).

To the person or persons who sent in the idea, please either identify yourself to us and give more proof about your suspicion, or don’t bother.

While we do welcome leads, of course, the News-Herald cannot be troubled with vague and potentially litigious information. The one recently submitted reeked of nothing but malicious gossip. When you submit story ideas unidentified, they immediately become as suspect as the story idea.

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There might be times when the paper can grant anonymity to the source of a sensitive issue, but ghost-like submissions such as the e-mail have no substance to justify research.

Newspapers already have a less than worthy reputation in the minds of many people, and when libel suits occur, everyone involved is hurt, not the least are our staff writers who stake their reputations in print.

We trust that you now understand.