Dashielle’s exhibits great grill and snacks

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Anyone with an appetite on Thursday is invited to sample some of the most delectable foods to be cooked over one of the most innovative grills on the market.

George Kitchen, owner and operator of Dashielle’s Half-Round Showroom, has made arrangements with the sales representative of Holland Grills to come out for a special promotion.

Kitchen said he’s holding a cookout at the Half-Round Showroom from 2 to 6:30 p.m. Thursday This invitation to dine is open to the public and Kitchen said there would be plenty to go around.

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&uot;We want people to stop by and enjoy some of the delicious foods he’ll be cooking,&uot; said Kitchen. &uot;Generally, he cooks steaks, roasts, chicken and turkey and, amazingly, he’ll bake apple pies right on the grill.&uot;

Kitchen added that the new grill is fueled by propane gas.

Through an arrangement with &uot;Amerigas&uot; on Holland Road, the Showroom will have a cylinder exchange program in which empty gas cylinders can be returned to the Showroom for a full one.

&uot;This new Holland grill is the perfect accompaniment to any hunter or fisherman’s equipment,&uot; said Kitchen. &uot;Once you’ve bagged your fish or game, this grill cooks it up to taste great!

&uot;The Holland Heritage is the exclusive, patented Holland System with a drip pan that not only serves to enhance the flavor of anything cooked on it, but it also prevents flare-ups. It has a heavy-duty cast iron burner is guaranteed for the life of the grill and the entire grill is fabricated from heavy gauge aluminized metal for a long life.&uot;

The Heritage grill also has a drip pan that makes this cooker unique. By adding water to the pan, the Heritage becomes a steamer. Add &uot;Brad’s Flav-O-Buds&uot; to the smoke tray and it becomes a smoker.

The grill has an on-off valve, preset by the manufacturer and according to Kitchen that means efficient, one-temperature cooking with no adjusting necessary.

&uot;This simply means you are cooking by time,&uot; said Kitchen.

&uot;The Heritage also has a large cooking area that will hold four chickens or two turkeys and all of it is moist and tender and delicious when cooked on this grill.&uot;

Along with all its cooking qualities, the Heritage grill is low maintenance, and it has a four-year limited warranty. It is also

Kitchen and his wife Ann have operated Dashielle’s Half-Round since 1990.

The Dashielle family established the business in the early 1950s, and the Kitchens kept the name because it still stands for quality sporting supplies. For the past 50-some years, Dashielle’s has provided the finest in hunting and fishing equipment to sportsmen.

Dashielle’s is located at 1436 Holland Road, just west of the Route 58 bypass, next to the Sentry Mart offices.

For more information on Dashielle’s and the vast array of hunting and fishing equipment, phone 539-7854.