Accidents, streaker keep police busy

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 27, 2002

A tanker truck left a trail of vehicular accidents Thursday as it traveled toward Suffolk on Route 58 (Holland Road).

Captain Jim Judkins of the Suffolk Fire Department said the tanker truck is owned by RDT Rail Direct Transport, a local company. The tanker began losing fluid around 11:38 a.m. at the foot of the Holland Bypass. The driver of the vehicle, Gary Proctor, address and age unknown at this time, was unaware of the problem and continued to travel until it began losing power, said Judkins.

&uot;There was some sort of oil slick on the highway,&uot; he added. &uot;While we were on the way to the scene, Suffolk Police were already on the way to check it out and he spun out on the oil. Then, four other vehicles spun out.&uot;

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Following all the accidents and backed up traffic, fire personnel had a difficult time negotiating their way to the accident scenes.

Officers continued to investigate the trail of oil and found the tanker at the Wilco station on Holland Road. Apparently, the driver noticed that his truck was losing power and he pulled in the service station’s lot to check it out.

&uot;For some reason, he’d lost fuel for no telling how far,&uot; said Judkins. &uot;Luckily, no more accidents occurred and fortunately no one was injured.&uot;

The captain added that the state police transportation team went to Wilco to inspect the truck in an attempt to determine where the oil was leaking. They could find no physical leaks and according to Judkins, the oil was leaking from the truck as it was running. The matter is still under investigation.

In another, unrelated accident, a vehicle crashed at 1:42 p.m. in the 800 block of Freeman Mill Road, sending one of the occupants to Obici Hospital. The female in the vehicle was uninjured.

According to Judkins, it was the fifth incident this year within a 2-1/2 mile stretch of that road.

&uot;It’s a very narrow and curvy little country road and basically, people just run too fast on that road,&uot; said Judkins. &uot;The speed limit is 55 but sometimes you have to make allowances and adjust your speed according to weather conditions and other factors. That road has a lot of farmers driving tractors there also, and people run up on them before they know it and sometimes it causes an accident.&uot;

Firefighters also responded to a fire call when it was reported that a barn had caught fire in the 5500 block of Godwin Boulevard on the northern side of Chuckatuck. Judkins said there was very little damage to a barn where firefighters found that a meter box had caught fire outside the structure. He said two units from the Chuckatuck Fire Department handled that situation.

As if Suffolk emergency personnel didn’t have enough to do Thursday, they were also called out on a rather unusual situation.

Around 2:55 p.m., 911 emergency communications officers received word from a caller that a naked man was walking back and forth in front of the windows of a vacant building at the corner of Washington and Main Streets.

Police responded, but apparently the man got wind of the fact that police were on the way to offer (ahem!) some type of clothing and an invitation to meet a local judge. Neither he nor his clothing were anywhere to be found.

That was probably the simplest problem police handled Thursday.