Reader tired of whining about tribe

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 27, 2002

Editor, the News-Herald,

It really chaps my behind that this former council candidate said he is tired of the Nansemond Tribe whining about Lone Star Lakes and its heritage.

First of all, it was theirs to begin with, so why should the tribe buy it back when it was taken from them?

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I see many races and ethnic groups using that way to get what they want, so why shouldn’t they be able to use race to try to get what was theirs in the first place?

I don’t recall anywhere in the history books that I read that the native people of this land sending invitations to any of the countries around it to invade their land and take what they want.

I bet Chief Bass really liked the comment that David Forsythe said about the way the Basses hunt deer; that was such a stereotypical remark about going back to the bow and arrow, but then again, maybe that is why he is a former council candidate.

Kelly Wilson