Sept. 27, 1957

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 27, 2002

The lead story on this date 45 years ago:

Next to last atom shot is fired

ATOMIC TEST SITE, Nev. (AP) – The next-to-last atomic explosion of the 1957 test series was detonated today with a bright flash seen over much of the West.

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In San Francisco, 400 mile away, early risers saw the 6 a.m. flash through drizzly skies. It was clearly visible in Los Angeles, some 250 mile away as a bluish false dawn.

Observers in Las Vegas, some 75 miles away, said that today’s test – codenamed Charleston – was one of the brightest of this year’s Atomic Energy Commission test. Today was the 23rd explosion; the last one is scheduled for next week.

Judge grants injunction in school case

NORFOLK – Four Negro school children from Suffolk and Nansemond County will be returning to school tomorrow after Federal District Judge Walker E. Hoffman granted a temporary restraining order yesterday allowing them to attend Negro public schools even though their parents refused to sign school placement forms.

Judge Hoffman reached his decision after hearing close to two hours’ arguments by contending counsel in federal court. He adjourned court to study other school placement cases.

The restraining order prohibits school authorities from denying admittance to children whose parents refuse to sign the forms.

Boy from Suffolk good at rescue

A graduate of Suffolk High School, now a medical officer in the U.S. Navy, was among those who went to the aid of the missing German four-masted bark, Pamir, apparently missing since last week in the raging seas of Hurricane Carrie.

Lt. Milton D. Chalkley, chief medical of the USS Geiger, said five of the survivors, transferred to his ship from the U.S. Steamship Saxon shortly after their rescue from a battered lifeboat, were exhausted. They were gven antibiotics and put to bed immediately, where they slept until noon the next day.

Lt. Chalkley’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Chalkley, reside on Gittings Street.

97-yard run fails to save Booker T.

Quarterback Kelly Lewis came up with a 97-yard touchdown run but it came to late to help Booker T. Washington High’s Bears from losing to Burley High of Charlottesville, 20-14, Saturday night at Peanut Park.

Lewis’ long sprint came up on the last play of the game when the Bears had their backs to the wall on their own 3.