Marriage Licenses

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 28, 2002

The following were recorded in Suffolk Circuit Court from Tuesday, Sept. 3 – Tuesday, Sept. 10:

Any Leigh Evans to Samuel Banyon Baker II

Kathleen Marie Collins to Michael James Sprague

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Jennifer Suzanne Conrad to Christopher Lance Overall

Tamakia Shanta Copeland to Jeffrey Lendale Hamlin

Lindsay Michelle Crumpler to Allen Dallas Harris

Toni Leigh Harrup to Paul Justin Dillard

Marie Vick to Nacy Anthony Evans

Christal Lynn Wiggins to William Christopher White

Carrie Johnson to Richard Marcas Ingram

Mildred Faye Squire to William Henry Jones

Amy Elizabeth Mason to George Franklin Miller Jr.

Land Transfers

The following were recorded in Suffolk Circuit Court from Tuesday, Sept. 3 through Tuesday, Sept. 10:

Tuesday, Sept. 3

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Steven L. Palmer, 5057 Kelso St.; $177,590.

Tate Terrace Realty to Dana D. Polk, 3511 Lingfield Cove; $201,011.

Harold J. Schimmoller to Richard J. Ducharme, 5304 Marsh Landing; $515,000.

William H. Wiggins to Bethlehem Christian Church, 306 Bute St.; $26,000.

Etheridge Manor II Inc. to Steven P. Adler, 208 Chenango Cres.; $184,985.

Hearndon Construction Corp. to John M. Rusconi, 103 Shire Arch; $198,465.

Providence Dev. Corp. to Kevin T. Mack, 167 Squire Reach; 118,145.

Providence Dev. Corp to Orville B. Johnson, 106 Majestic Dr. North; $125,495.

Jerome E. Hirmath to Robbie L. Trokel, Lot 2 subdivision of Applewood; $158,500.

William E. Faulk to Brian M. Diprima, 2771 Burning Tree Lane; $249,900.

Richard W. Wood Tr. to

Chrystal Y. Holmes, Block O, Lots 16 and 17; $119,900.

TJL Enterprises Inc. to Marvin Hudson, Lot 78, Old Mill Creek, Sec. II; $201,315.

Hearndon Construction Corp. to Shanita Y. Dickens, Lot 131, Sec. II; $194,705.

Wayne Cryst to Dennis Karppotis,

5516 Buckhorn Dr.; $131,500.

W.D. Holly to Brian M. Osborne, Cherokee Dr.; $37,500.

Robert M. Vernon to Esther L. Harrell, 506 Canine Trail; $120,000.

Esther L Harrell to Annie Pearl, 229 Nansemond Dr.; $75,000.

Nansemond Pointe LC to Dennis C. Smith, 103 Pelican Reach; $421,225.

Erin Shultz to James P. Chandler, 5120 Dominion Dr.; $200,000.

Viola Building Corp. to John T. Lewis III, 318 Turnstone Dr.; $258,175.

Michael L. Britt to Kutan Kanta, Lot 17 Berkshire Meadows Dr.; $129,000.

David H. Slack to Cynthia D. Gray, 241, Chestnut St.; $17,900.

Wednesday, Sept. 4

Roger L. Crim Jr. to Same, 2309 Indian Trail;


Steven R. Hile to Christine T. Deminco, 307 Morning Tide Cove; $153,500.

Mark H. Woods to Henry P. Stevenson, 152 Berkshire Rd.; $179,000.

Thomas L. Plaster to Geoffrey Clyde Hinselwood, subdivision of Forest Glen Dr.; $170,000.

Angustus O. Sei Tutu to Charles C. Chalmers; $136,000.

William R. Hurt to Michelle R. Rogue, 5202 Stoney Brook Ct.; $240,000

Charles L. Jenkins Executor to Deborah J. Burfield, 6092 Knotts Creek Lane; $245,000.

Providence Dev.

Corp. to Kevin L. Vansilder, 209 Friar Ct.; $159,950.

Matthew P. Ricciardi to Ion Garamond, 6211 Oak Glen Dr.; $199,900.

Terry/Peterson Residential One LLC to Albert J. Battersby, 2058 Niklaus Dr.; $174,755.

Elmer L. Spakes to same, 1110 Hosier Rd.; no consideration.

Mary L. Dixon to London Dubois, 6223 Burbage Landing; $188,000.

Cypress Farm Associates LLC to Angela P. Evans, 1234 Wood Edge Circle; $134,425.

Christopher S. Wilely to Alan R. Pierce, 1512 Glen Haven Dr.; $94,000.

Keith P. Webb to John M. Pitts, 217 North St.; $12,000.

First National Bank Assoc. Tr. to Patrick Huge,

4208 Armstrong Dr.; $22,900.

Napolitano Enterprises Inc. to Pamela V. Stewart, 510 Pecan Ct.; $186,260.

Napolitano Enterprises Inc. to Laurie R. Harrison, Suburban Woods,


Austin T. Darden Jr. to Joseph A. Pierce Jr., 813 Ashley Ave.; $105,500.

Sara L. Allen to Tate Terrace Realty Inv., Kempton Pk.; $190,103.

Thursday, Sept. 5

Delano Williams to same, Chuckatuck; no consideration.

Delano Williams to same, Franklin; no consideration.

Delano Williams to same, Pitchkettle Rd., no consideration.

Dalano Williams to same, Carolina Rd., no consideration.

Ramsgate Computer Inc. to Styron Building Corp.; Hillpoint Farms; $74,000.

Landing Co. LLC to Boyce J. Coleman, 144 W Robin Lane, no consideration.

Frank O. Benson Jr. to Jarvis C. Gladwin, 129 Chestnut; $82,000.

Jeffrey A. Paxton to same, 2634 Janson Dr., no consideration.

Mary Elizabeth Raenee Fouch to Gregory A. Moyer, $65,500.

Providence Dev. Corp. to Rodney T. Stocker, Lot 353 Berklie; $144,760.

Patricia A. Witherspoon to David W. Whitsitt, 100 Rodset Ct.; $177,000.

Samuel I. White PC Tr. to David A. Springsteen, 6801 Barbage Landing Circle; $158,999.

Frederick R.

Educk to Nancy A. Educk, 107 Sunset Blvd.; no consideration.

Robert H. Ballard, Tr. Etc. to Robert Brooks III, 116 Clay St.; $30,500.

Marie E. Strople to Raymond H. Strople, Glen Forest; no consideration.

Alfred J. Klink to Brian E. Klink, Whaleyville Blvd.; no consideration.

Friday, Sept. 6

Creekview LLC to Donald C. Harris, 127 Whimbrel Dr.; $58,200.

Mary H. Ashe to Tynoku Brown, 307 Eugenia St.; no consideration.

Thomas H. Roads to William M. Rhodes, 3800 Pughsville Rd.;


Westview Building Construction to John F. Molloy, 3314 Nansemond River $263,265.

Specialized Inc. of Va. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Dev.; $171,158.52.

Piland J. Ducharme to Robert T. Williams Lot 25, Sec. 4; $500,00.

William Blankley Mathis to Martin L. Bond, 2845 Kings Fork Rd.; $280,000.

Steven K. Rogers to William, S. Kaylor,. 2078 Maple Leaf Cresc. $151,000.

Providence Dev. Corp. to KaSaundra W. Ewing, 106 Nottingham Blvd.; $149,900.

Providence Dev. Corp. to Colby J. Ferguson, 149 Squire Reach; $125,00.

Harbourview Limited Partnership to Area builders of Tidewater Inc. Section C. the Riverfront; $79,900.

Kathryn Perry to Peter A. Cook, 2018 Schoolhouse La.; $169,900.

Steven McArthur to same, 37 Pearl St. Pughville; no consideration.

Towne Dev. Corp. to Christopher W. Lancaster, 312 Loblolly Ct.; $207,457.

Paulette C. Wilder to Jason M. Rudd, 113 Kingsdale Rd.; $89,900.

Monday, Sept. 9

Jack Alan to Canate A. Brown, 114 Stoney Ridge Ave.; $132,000

Donald Scott Sabbeth to Span P. Regan, 6417 Pelican Cres. North; $193,000

Robert A. Krinks to Richard C. Chambers, 220 Barron Blvd., $216,780.

Mark G. Cline to Dallas A. William, 226 Bedford Place; $116,000.

Cypress Farm Assoc. LLC to Shernett R. Schemer, Cypress Farm; $129,855.

Brian D. Glandan to Eric A. Thompson, 1315 Holland Rd.; $118,900.

Upton Farms Inc. to LKY Inc., 163 E. Nansemond Pk; $551,151.

Creekview LLC to Beco Construction Inc., Lot 15, Creekview; $137,000.

Horton D. Copeland to Leo Outland, 51 Clifton St.; $26,000.

Annie Byrum Bilby to David R. Stewart, 508 Greenway Rd.; $38,500.

Affordable Homes LLC-1 to Terrance C. Harris, 3503 Arabian La.; $187,220.