Drugs, weapons still not welcome in our schools

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 3, 2002

There are eight Suffolk high school students now who have put themselves in a deep, dark hole, and few people are offering ladders. We certainly hope that their parents are showing some real tough love in this instance.

Much to the accused students’ surprise, Suffolk and State Police brought in dogs that sniffed, snuffed and searched for narcotics. Interestingly, the drugs were found not in lockers or book bags within the classrooms, but in the parking lots of both Lakeland and Nansemond River high schools.

Even more curious is that knives, shotgun shells and a box cutter were discovered.

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We commend the school officials and the police – which have planned this search since July – for keeping these places of learning as safe as possible.

Had there been only drugs found, we might not be making such an issue of this matter, but weapons were also found and that conjures up potentially fatal consequences.

Does anyone remember Columbine?

It is sad that innocent students are subjected to this prison-like treatment of dogs and surprise searches, but they could greatly alleviate that situation by reporting genuinely suspicious behavior of other students to teachers, parents or even the Crime Line (539-1222).

Remember, you wouldn’t be snitching on friends (hopefully), you would be getting rid of trouble.