To war or not to war?

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 4, 2002

If the senate Democrats think George W. is thinking only war (better make that a capital W), add me to the list.

I’m trying so hard to overlook three times in one week he made appearances and went on to advocate raising campaign funds then slipped into his favorite topic: Saddam and war. Iraq and war. How necessary it is. Please, country, agree with me. U.N., hear my plea – zap Saddam – make it strong – shake him up!

Then comes news of his good buddy, Prime Minister Blair, addressing the British people and preparing a 50-page communiqu for George W. who would be king. Contents (50 pages): We’ll hang in with you only if the U.N. comes up with a demand: Saddam allows weapons inspectors into Iraq and allows them free rein. Fat chance! Saddam becomes a good fellow and leads the inspectors in and maybe serves tea. This, I want to see!

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Meanwhile, Russia holds out just as Blair and England. Now add France and China, George W. needs them all as they have veto power in the U.N. No one wants to play with George W. Has anyone even reminded him we already have one war going on in Afghanistan? And bin Laden roams free. Can anyone handle two wars? Can we?

The Muslim countries aren’t flocking to George W.’s side. Believe me we can use every bit of help and approval that’s around.

We’re a strong, powerful country, but let’s not over estimate your ability to put Saddam down – he’ll come on like gangbusters because he hates us so. Slow down, George W. till you get lots of backing and right now it looks pretty dim. Get that U.N. directive and you’re home free.

Florence Arena is a resident of Hillcrest Retirement Center, and a regular columnist for the Suffolk News-Herald.