Bonds fiscally responsible, good investment

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Editor, the News-Herald:

This November there will be a referendum concerning a $900 million general obligation bond issue by the state of Virginia. The funds will be used for state colleges and universities and for museums and historic sites in Virginia.

Of particular interest to me is the benefit that this bond issue will bring to our community colleges. As a Suffolk employer and as chairman of the Regional Workforce Development Council of Paul D. Camp Community College, I have a great appreciation for the education opportunities community colleges bring.

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Technologies are rapidly changing, and jobs today are requiring skills that were unknown just a few years ago. Local college campuses make those skills accessible and affordable to the entire community.

From my own experience, I know that the staff and faculty of PDCCC are strongly committed to keeping up with the needs of the community. We need to be sure that they continue to have the tools and facilities to meet those needs.

General obligation bonds were used to build our first community colleges back in the ’60’s. Over they years they have been issued on various occasions to support construction of other college buildings, including those at the Hobbs (Suffolk) Campus of Paul D. Camp Community College.

Bonds are consistent with our state’s fiscally conservative policy and are, in fact, a good investment for economic growth in our state. I strongly support this bond issue, and I urge the voters of our area to do the same.

Kermit Hobbs

Vice President

Amadas Industries