Here come the girls!

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 18, 2002

I raved about my brothers in one column and I promised I’d do the girls next. So, here we go.

Sister Dorothy oldest – I was next. I often wondered if she was dropped into our family by a band of gypsies. She was so quiet; (unknown in my house) always wanted to be left alone and simply watched as the rest of us showed off. So as she always wanted, I’ll leave her alone. Sorry older sister, you’ll never know what you missed by your Greta Garbo attitude (Remember her?).

OK – onward – next sister Bernice, called Benj. Benj was a word-lover and constantly amazed me in this area. She was named for a very rich aunt and it was for nothing. Will read and not a mention of Benj. Later in adult life sister Benj did the Times daily crossword puzzles – in ink! I wouldn’t touch them. I hate anything that shows me up. Don’t we all?

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Next we meet sister Helen. Beautiful (the only one) and talented. Lovely singing voice. For a long while she took part in some plays in the theatre – all musicals. Helen was also smart. Soon she got tired of singing and decided to go to the commercial side of thee productions and so she directed. Loved it and was good at it. Each production she taped so I got to see all her work. She was good. Then into her life came a man. She fell. Marriage followed and the theater lost a good, talented director.

Well, those are my sisters. I’ve done me in earlier columns so we close here. Hope you enjoyed meeting the Coyne girls (now all women with families and interesting lives).

Florence Arena is a resident of Hillcrest Retirement Center and a regular columnist for the News-Herald.