Nothing unlucky about 13 for King’s Kids of America

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 18, 2002

The King’s Kids’ 13th annual anniversary celebration on Sept. 28 in Faith Temple Apostolic Church was a complete success. Not only did we hear a fine message, we were very fortunate to have Suffolk City Councilwoman Linda Johnson as our mistress of ceremony.

Other special guests included Councilman Curtis Milteer, Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Randy Carter, and Kiwanis Club Board Members Aubrey Skeeter.

The program opened with a selection by the guest choir, which was Faith Temple’s own Youth Choir, followed by New Testament scripture from Deidra Thorp of King’s Kids No. 3 (Hoffler Apartments), and Old Testament scripture from Yasmine Butts of King’s Kids No. 4 (Cypress Manor/Parker Riddick), followed by prayer from Delvin Jones of King’s Kids No. 2 (Colander Bishop Meadows).

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Ratisha Brown of King’s Kids No. 1 (Highland Park) and Latifah Robinson of King’s Kids No. 6 (Wilson Pines) welcomed the invited guests to this grand affair.

Bishop Obadiah Colander, founder of King’s Kids of America, Inc., gave greetings to us all.

Special recognition and the purpose was stated by King’s Kids’ Secretary Pamela C. Baker.

The children were led in cheers, songs, theme, and pledges by the Executive Director Betty Milteer-Knight.

Dr. Milton Liverman’s wife, Mrs. Shirley Liverman, introduced the speaker.

Liverman, superintendent of Suffolk Public Schools, started by speech by expressing that it was his pleasure and a privilege to be the chosen speaker for such an event.

He saluted and congratulated the organization for all of its good works with the youths. Liverman stated that even though he had not the privilege of being personally involved, he has been watching King’s Kids from a distance and likes what he sees.

Liverman addressed the children directly and applauded their choosing change by taking advantage of community opportunities such as the King’s Kids. He elaborated on the fact that most children choose role models such as superstars, rock stars and the life, but highlighted that this organization gives them alternate choices such as hard-working people making a difference in their lives through their giving of themselves. Some have sacrificed personal goals, programs and some of life’s pleasures to make their lives better.

Liverman gave the children five secrets to success:

Use strategy to be happy (choose to be); learn that you don’t have to win everything; choose your companions wisely; don’t confuse things with success (know what matters); you must believe in yourself.

He also told the children that the man that stops to help someone else carry his/her burdens finds that their own burdens don’t seem as great after all.

In closing, Liverman extended to all involved in the King’s Kids of America a hearty congratulations for all the good works they are doing.

Presentation of awards was made to the children by the King’s Kids’ staff from each site in the categories of participation (each child receives one for being a member, ages 4-15); honor roll; good behavior; perfect attendance; and King’s Disciples (ages 16-23 who are assistants to instructors at sites); community work such as nursing, cleaning homes of the elderly and sick, preparing for college/future/careers.

The drawing for bicycles was conducted by King’s Kids’ Assistant Director Brenda Nichols.

The crowning of the new kings and queens and bike winners for each site were as follows:

Highland Park: Terry Pierce and Qa’Shay Miller; Ratisha Brown

Colander Bishop Meadows: Jaquan Marion and Shaquille Hill; Shahkin Gatling

Hoffler Apartments: Raequan Mizelle and Deidra Thorpe; Justice Hunter

Cypress Manor/Parker Riddick: Carrie McLaurin and Myesha Butts; Anthony McLaurin

Heritage Acres: Josiah Lewis and Takia Britt; Jamar Milteer

Wilson Pines: Tyrone Gilchrist and Latifah Robinson; Latifah Robinson

Bicycle contributors were: Super Wal-Marts in Suffolk, (Assistant Manager Angela Alston); Norfolk (Co-Manager Mike); Franklin (Manager James Andrews); Chesapeake (Co-Manager Tony Schmidt); and W.M. Flythe (two bikes), Electric Co.

The past kings and queens were picked up at their homes by Dallas Limousine Service.

Other award presented were certificates of appreciation to the following: Suffolk Public Schools (buses and computers); Mrs. Joyce Williams (who donated a car); Linda Lewter (computer assistance); and Mrs. Barbara Veda (special donation of arts and crafts).

Awards were also given to King’s Kids faithful supporters, which are persons who pledge each month for the continued success and growth of the organization. Pledges range anywhere from $5 to $20 per week or any amount one may want to give.

Many thanks to all who placed advertisements in the anniversary booklet.