Griffin will spend life in prison

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 31, 2002

Eugene Ernest Griffin Jr., the Portsmouth man also charged with 47 different sexual crimes against a Suffolk child, is not likely to walk freely in this world again after a Portsmouth judge sentenced him Tuesday to life plus 65 years in prison. He was sentenced in Portsmouth for crimes against a 3-year old girl from that city.

The judge accepted Griffin’s guilty plea and then told him that he’s never in his 34 years seen as vile an act as the one committed against the child. Sentencing guidelines call for a 50-year prison term in such cases, however the judge said Griffin is &uot;beyond help.&uot;

Griffin pleaded guilty to videotaping the child, and on the tape he described his intent to attack the girl while her parents slept in their room. Court records stated that he then proceeded to assault the child.

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Now that Portsmouth is finished with Griffin, he will stand trial Dec. 12 in Suffolk, charged with a similar incident in this city.

He is accused of assaulting an 11-year-old Suffolk girl left in his care.

According to Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Marie Walls, Griffin faces four counts of rape, seven counts of soliciting a child to perform in pornographic material (filming a child in sexual acts), two counts of sexual penetration with an object, 14 counts of indecent liberties by a custodian or supervisory person, six counts of forcible sodomy, and 13 counts of aggravated sexual battery.

Griffin was arrested in July after Suffolk Police Detectives were presented with a videotape showing him in sexual acts with the child.

Walls said the videotape was discovered by a friend of Griffin’s who went to meet him at his home. While the man waited for Griffin to arrive home, the man placed a tape he believed to be &uot;The Matrix&uot; into the VCR. When the visitor saw that the film was Griffin having sex with the child, he turned it over to police.

These incidents are not the first time Griffin has had such problems. He served more than five years in prison in Colorado and Kentucky for convictions of the same nature. In both states, Griffin’s victims were children.

Griffin is being held in Western Tidewater Regional Jail where he awaits trial with no bond set.