Saddam War – Agree or Disagree?

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 8, 2002

Let’s start with one gung ho! George W! I’d bet he dreams of a full-scale event. His dad had the best chance of pulling it off during the Gulf War. He backed way from it although Colin Powell, a general then, urged him to do it. No reason was ever given as to why that George didn’t finish it.

I know I’ll be told, &uot;you’re a woman – what do you know of war?&uot; Let me state here I had four brothers, a husband, and a brother-in-law in the last war. Fun, it wasn’t! Besides, while I feel Saddam is a rat and the world would spin nicely without him, I cannot see any support for going to war against him unless he commits an act of war against us.

He first enjoys hating us and we return the hate. Without the approval and help from Russia, Europe and the Muslim countries I think we’d be foolish to attack Saddam (What do I know about war?).

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The Cold War forgotten – Russia is now our friend. Naturally, we have loaned her money but we don’t expect it to happen that she or any; of the nations we’ve contributed to will repay us. We’re so easy!

As to Saddam – Russia says, &uot;No – don’t do it&uot; and she cites economic reasons. For whom? She and Saddam are neighbors – don’t mess with that border.

Even South Africa has a say – Nelson Mandela says &uot;No,&uot; a thousand times. His speech sounded like a &uot;How dare you do that!&uot; We have critics everywhere so George W. has a big decision on his hands. Lucky him!

Mandella and other nations call for &uot;King&uot; George not to go it alone – but most importantly get the UN behind him. France says – don’t include us and Saudi Arabia has no agreement with George, either. They do offer George W. a tidbit – We may use their land as a take off spot for our planes only if they carry no bombs. That’s like asking Cupid to use his bow but no arrow. It should be some war!

Florence Arena is a resident of Hillcrest Retirement Center, and a regular columnist for the Suffolk News-Herald.