Man, 88, charged with sexual battery

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 9, 2002

Suffolk Police charged an 84-year old man with sexual battery this week after a string of incidents that took place at Wal-Mart.

George Babb, of Myrtle Street, was charged with the crimes after a woman told the store manager and police that he’d grabbed her hand and placed it on his groin area. She told them he also said she should have sex with him because he had &uot;a wad of money.&uot;

Wal-Mart’s manager and a security officer observed the man identified by the victim as the one who offended her as he was leaving in his vehicle. The manager wrote down the license plate number and provided that number to police.

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Two other women also lodged complaints to Wal-Mart about a man making improper advances toward them. One of the women told the manager that a man had kissed her as she was leaving the store, however, she did not make a police report.

Once police had the license plate number, they were able to trace the plate to Babb. The victim who filed the police report identified him as the one who grabbed her hand.