The Stealth – secret weapon?

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 14, 2002

Seems to me there is as much success in stopping a war with Saddam as there is in stopping tomorrow from coming. I have no magic words to bring it about. I’d use them if I could find them.

But we have a secret weapon. It’s a plane. Strange looking. So speedy and costs $2 billion per plane. (That’s a billion, son.)

The shape is like no plane we’ve produced. It has been flown in the &uot;No Fly Zone&uot; over Iraq. It reminds me of a large person with arms spread like wings. It’s a dull gray solid color and extraordinarily wide wings with a shadow on the ground covering two city blocks. It’s monstrous! Looks like something out of

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&uot;Popular Science.&uot; It has ability to carry over 50 bombs – all nuclear – and can drop them in a very rapid manner.

This strange looking machine of destruction is called the Stealth which I interpret as meaning &uot;sneaky&uot; If it gets the U.S. quickly out of a war as victorious I’ll buy it.

I must say I’m not in favor of a war with Iraq. I can’t reconcile just up and starting a war with Saddam or anyone else.

All this because a certain president needs and wants it for his ego and for his dad, who had the chance to put Saddam away during the Gulf War, and missed by his own wrong decision. Colin Powell, a general at that time, urged the dad Bush -&uot;go get Saddam&uot; – never happened but it should have.

We aren’t exactly brimming with approval and backing by many nations.

There’s always England to back us. Russia, France and China, all with UN veto power vacillate and I guess it depends on the language of the UN’s decree whether or not they will join Bush’s passion for shooting down Saddam.

Keep in mind there is still Afghanistan to be conquered and bin Laden to be captured – a magic wand and a few giants would come in handy. David and Goliath all over again? Shall we prepare slingshots? Note: The Stealth Bomber appears on Iraqi radar the size of a bumblebee. Hope we don’t get stung!

Just learned that the U.N. approved 15-0 inspectors of weapons into Iraq. If refused -what else? One word – war.

Florence Arena is a resident of Hillcrest Retirement Center, and is a regular columnist for the News-Herald.