Church, police sponsor walk today

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 15, 2002

Macedonia A.M.E. Church at 127 Pine St., in collaboration with Chief William Freeman and the Suffolk Police Dept., will conduct a &uot;Community Walk Against Drugs and Addictions&uot; today.

The Rev. Charles L. Harvin, pastor, and the Rev. James T. Jackson, associate pastor, and Chief William Freeman will head the walk that will begin at noon and target Pine, Day, Mahan and Church streets.

The youths of the congregation will distribute leaflets to the homes on Chestnut, Clay, Lee, Wellons and Wilson streets.

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&uot;Many of our church members live on these streets targeted by the walk and during pastoral counseling sessions when several members admitted they had substance abuse problems, I knew it was time to do something about it,&uot; said Harvin.

&uot;God provided a ram in the bush in the Rev. Jackson, who not only is a recovered substance abuser, but who also ran a program for substance abusers in Brooklyn, N.Y.&uot;

Harvin also said that in keeping with the great commission of Christ to &uot;go into all the world,&uot; he has a fervent desire to evangelize all of the neighborhoods especially surrounding the church looking for the downtrodden, afflicted and those who do not attend church.

Jackson said he knows that many people who are on drugs.

&uot;Crack cocaine leads the list of the ills that befall many African American communities followed by poor housing, lack of jobs and education which all lead to low self-esteem, health problems and high crime,&uot; he said.

Jackson will direct the Substance Abuse Ministry that will begin in December.

&uot;When we went to Chief Freeman about the walk and other matters concerning drugs he gave us his wholehearted support,&uot; said Jackson.

The walk today will be followed by a community forum against addictions at 1 p.m. Monday, Nov. 23.

This event will also be held at the church and refreshments will be served.

The entire community is invited to attend both functions.