NAACP disappointed in decision

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 30, 2002

Editor, the News-Herald:

The NAACP is constantly working to eliminate racial discrimination on the local, state and national levels.

We commend Andy Prutsok, editor of The Suffolk News-Herald, and Carlos A. Howard for the articles on &uot;Judgeship in Suffolk,&uot; which appeared in the Sunday, Nov. 24 edition of The Suffolk News-Herald, regarding the dismal, discriminatory record of appointing judicial officials in the various courts in the city of Suffolk.

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In our view, it is an affront to the African-American citizens of our city, especially when there are equally qualified attorneys of color who are citizens of Suffolk.

We agree with Mr. Howard’s statement, &uot;the community is outraged that despite all of its efforts to move the Commonwealth forward and to bring people closer together for the good of all of the citizens, a few are still unwilling to break the chains that divide us.&uot;

Without question the failure to select an African-American from Suffolk to the Circuit Court is a travesty, discriminatory and dastardly act.

Apparently, the city of Suffolk’s current slogan, &uot;It’s a good time to be in Suffolk,&uot; does not apply to African-Americans living in Suffolk who are qualified for appointment for judgeship.

Clinton L. Jenkins, chairman

Political Action Committee

Herman T. Benn, esquire, chairman

Legal Redress Committee

Charles O. Christian, president.