Resident critical of council’s costly trip

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Editor, the News-Herald:

The &uot;brain trust&uot; of the City of Suffolk is on the road again. The entire City Council of the City of Suffolk (two exceptions), plus two city managers and assorted extra-added city officials have gone again. Gone this time to far away (expensive-to-travel-to) Salt Lake City, Utah.

City of Suffolk taxpayers, not to worry – they all have gone on this overly expensive &uot;odyssey&uot; in their quest for knowledge – knowledge of how to guard our city’s &uot;purse strings&uot; (money) from excessive, unnecessary spending.

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Perhaps, just perhaps, it would cost this city far less if this present group of &uot;high rollers&uot; would all resign in a body. We, the voting taxpayers, could then elect an all-new and sensibly prudent city council.

Beginning with our early grade school years we learned that the president, the vice president, various heads of state, and other heads of organizations never travel together and never absent themselves from their sworn duties at the same time for obvious reason.

At the same time while we taxpayers are thinking seriously about how our city’s affairs are being handled, consider this:

Mayor and vice mayor together on an overly expensive trip, our own lame-duck city manager is also along. Due respect, but for what purpose This man is due to be gone after a few short weeks.

One other thing: In our city we have a Suffolk City attorney duly sworn (August) still actively serving as a Suffolk Housing Authority Commissioner. Is this a proper situation? I don’t think so. There is something very wrong with this.

T.C. Williams