You’ve got to have a name

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 30, 2003

Here we go again with that &uot;name recognition escalator&uot; thing. I know nothing of our esteemed sheriff’s politics but have always thought of him as a conservative; him jumping to the Democratic Party sent shudders down my spine. Fred Quayle seems unafraid of Isaacs contending for senator, even welcomes the challenge. But if the Governor joins with others in selecting him as a formidable opponent they must believe he has a good chance. I believe it too, but would rather Raleigh stay right where he is. He knows his current territory, makes good money, and is popular with the majority of voters – as our sheriff. Quayle thinks the money would be a letdown, more than offsetting the prestige of the position. Fred, however, makes out on his senator salary plus what he picks up elsewhere. Isaacs would be jousting with Chris Jones if Quayle finds a judgeship unless Chris stays in his House. And, Mr. Raleigh, don’t forget the commute on upcoming plugged roads. Besides, are you sure you can handle being accused of jumping ship, or citizens finding fault with your legislative actions? Here you are popular; tell the governor thanks but no thanks, you do more for Suffolk right where you are. Please don’t force me vote against you.


I sure was disappointed to learn that Virginia, to date, is the only state not currently contributing to the World War II memorial up in D.C. I’ve been hanging on, in spite of the odds, to see it one day. But, tell you what, Governor, don’t follow through on the check of $340,000 for the memorial. Instead, send that money over to the DMV so I won’t have to stand in a line for hours or sit on a hard chair there. Give them the money to staff a few more windows and I will find a way to live at least until the economy fully recovers. By then I should have had my driving license renewed.

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If Al Sharpton is serious about running for the presidency, and I don’t think he is, he will require surgery to get his foot out of his mouth before he goes on any campaign trail. His insistence on the slave reparations would get him a max of only 20 percent of the national vote, there being only that amount of &uot;minorities&uot; that could possibly be interested. He can dance around his role in the Tawana Brawley rape case, but Mr. Ted Kennedy chucked his chance to follow in the footsteps of his brother Jack when he realized even democrats couldn’t swallow the Mary Jo Kopechne saga. Al actually thinks Hollywood should be sued for the bad images portrayed by the movie, &uot;Barbershop.&uot; But political cartoonists would spend the campaign months making him part of that same image.


President Bush did his best to paint the economy as &uot;on the rise,&uot; threw in a few nice sounding promises about helping us old folks with our prescription drugs, and began to color anti-war sentiments as yellow unless the gatherers are just too stupid to imagine Sadamn handing a canister of anthrax to the friends of old Bin. He recognized that we rebuilt Germany and saved France’s butt and expects them to join the conga line when the music starts. He also said it wouldn’t matter much if they didn’t, there will be plenty of others on the dance floor, but they can forget their oil contracts with Iraq.

As for our &uot;economy,&uot; how many past presidents have had to deal with a recession, terrorists, crooked CEOs, and a Senate split down the middle? I’m grateful, following the State of the Nation, they didn’t let smiley face Dash-all, from the great state of one or the other of the hardly populated Dakotas, handle the Democrat’s rejoinder. Even if I were a democrat I would want him on a back- bench with his mouth taped shut. Not he, or any democrat, or any other republican, has all the answers to our problems. We haven’t been in a mess as bad as this since 1929 and we survived that. Have faith in the Bush team. Hav

Robert Pocklington lives in Suffolk and is a regular News-Herald columnist.