City praised for protecting bay

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 17, 2003

Editor, the News-Herald:

Bravo, to the city of Suffolk!

The city is leading the way to help protect our environment in being the ONLY city in the Tidewater Area that will now uphold the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act.

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Whoever is responsible for making this decision should be applauded.

In years past the city &uot;closed&uot; its eyes to the laws protecting the river. Just a few years ago, for example, they allowed river banks to be bulldozed down and 5 huge drain pipes drain the new Riverside Estate’s yards, car oil and fertilizer, etc. into the Nansemond River instead of requiring the water retention pond as by law. Hopefully the city would look at such developments and plan how to redirect the flow from the river to perhaps a pond before even more pollution is allowed.

This could be done prior to allowing any more homes be built in such developments.

There is so much beautiful riverfront property within our city and I just want to thank them for stating that they will now uphold the law.

If you see any filling, clearing of any natural growth within 100 feet of any Chesapeake Bay tributary including marsh, please call the city, state and federal agencies. Our city is so big and it may be impossible for our city to keep a close eye so please let each of the government agencies know if you see this so they will uphold the law.

Our city has such potential to be one of the most beautiful cities to live if we will help protect our rivers and Chesapeake Bay, allow it to have the abundant life God planned for our rivers.

Perhaps write to Governor Warner and let him know of your frustrations of allowing the other cities not to uphold the law. Watch the rush of new developments and land filled areas in those cities and watch them destroy our Bay!

I wonder which developers contributed money to the Warner campaign? Any connection?

Also Bravo to Charles Brown, that wonderful person who has done so much for downtown.

Thank him so much for helping our downtown in improving the Prentis House and the Suffolk Center.

I just think that he needs special thanks from all of the citizens of Suffolk. He alone has helped our taxes from going up even more by his improvements instead of us the taxpayers buying the old buildings and spending money on fixing up Suffolk.

This is the way it should be done. If the city will give the police more money to make Suffolk safer instead of spending money on making it look pretty then people will improve and visit downtown, eat in nice shops like The Moose (delicious and inexpensive breakfast croissant by the way) and will encourage people to invest in the historic downtown.

Thank you once again Mr. Brown, you have really made a great impact.

Niecie Garner