Time to end the U.N. charade

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 17, 2003

Concerning Iraq, the United Nations Security Council should now be treated as irrelevant.

At least 34 nations, including most of Europe and many in the Arab world, back the United States in its aim of ridding the world of Saddam Hussein. Considering the moral case for American-led action, there is no good reason to be concerned about a possible French veto of military action against Iraq. …

Only five nations – the United States, Great Britain, China, Russia and France – enjoy such a veto. The French veto in no way, however, represents an accurate assessment of France’s power or its moral standing. It’s been an anachronism since the United Nations’ founding after World War II – a war in which France collapsed like a bad card-house.

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As for the United Nations as a whole, it’s a joke these days. Consider that, with nary a peep of protest from most of Europe, Libya recently was voted in as the chairing nation of the U.N. panel on human rights. Yes, that Libya: the Libya of Muammar Ghadafi, who heads one of the world’s most brutal and repressive regimes. …

Meanwhile, in an example of absolutely sick irony, the next nation slated to chair the U.N. panel on disarmament is none other than Iraq. …

End the charade. If the Security Council wants to endorse military action, so much the better. But the United States should go forward with American plans regardless.

– Mobile (Ala.) Register