Saint cagers recall improved year

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Suffolk News-Herald

When a team finished its season 6-14, as the Nansemond-Suffolk Academy (NSA) boys varsity basketball team did last season, they have two options, both of which were outlined by coach Don Birmingham at the team banquet Wednesday evening at NSA.

&uot;A team can say, ‘Ok, we finished 6-14, and we’re not going to try to get better,’&uot; Birmingham began. &uot;Or, they can do the opposite, work hard and practice hard all summer, and come back improved.&uot; The 2002-3 Saint chose Option B; they came out ready to steal, pass and shoot, charging through the TCIS for a 12-10 record (their first winning season since 1998) and possible berth in the state tournament (the Saints are currently ranked eighth in the state; should this ranking hold until Monday, they’ll take part in the Richmond tournament. If several teams ranked below them don’t win their respective games, NSA will find itself playing for the state).

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Nate Grover, who avaerged over 10 rebounds in the last three games, was named the Most Improved Player award. Robert Crumpler got the Most Valuable Player award, and Brandon Winslow the coach’s choice.

The Junior junior varsity team had the school’s best individual record, finishing the year at 9-2. Brian Breedlove was named the Most Out-standing Player, and Adam Gillette the Most Valuable Player.

Willis Taylor was named the top offensive player of the junior varsity team, and Jeff Cooper the Defensive Player of the year. Chase Callow got the coach’s award for the seventh-grade team, and Allen Hotchkiss the Most Valuable Player. Kyle Sheets and Ryan Beale were named the top players on the eighth-grade team.