Feb. 21, 1900

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 21, 2003

Featured stories in the Suffolk News-Herald on this date 103 years ago include:

Bank robbers by daylight

El Paso, Tex. – The bank of B.C. Bowman, at Las Cruces, N.M., was held up by two unknown men at 2 p.m. o’clock yesterday afternoon and robbed if $3,000. The robbers rode into town and hitched their horses on the opposite f the street. Then they crossed over and entered the bank, covering Cashier Freeman and his young lady bookkeeper with six-shooters. The cashier was forced to open the drawer and give them the cash, which amounted to $300. They then quietly left the building and rode toward the Oregon mountains, 15 miles away. A posse started out in pursuit about 20 minutes later.

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Killed by canned fruit

On Saturday night, Feb. 17, 1900, at 12 o’clock, little Maud Whedbee, the nine-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Whedbee, died at the home of her parents on Wellons Street of acute gastritis. Mrs. Whedbee had put up a large number of cans of huckleberries last fall, and the family had used several cans during the winter and enjoyed them. On Thursday evening, the family used another can for supper and all ate them, the cook eating the greater portion. The can that brought sickness and death is thought to have been sour or spoiled through fermentation.

Secretly married

Miss Anna Cornelia Delves was secretly married to Lawrence Marsion, the actor, dramatist and manager, a week ago last Sunday. Miss Delves sings in the chorus of &uot;Ben Hur.&uot; She is twenty-two years old, a brunette, has a pretty face and a strikingly handsome figure. She was born in Suffolk, and was popular in society in Norfolk, Annapolis and Baltimore. She has a contralto voice and studied abroad. Returning last fall, she decided to go on the stage and there met Mr. Martson, who said today: &uot;We kept the marriage from friends but it has come out. I haven’t even told my folks but my wife and I will be at home to friends at 155 East 34th Street, New York.

Many of our people knew the bride, who visited Suffolk occasionally, and all will agree that she is a strikingly handsome woman. It must be a mistake about Suffolk being her place of birth.

Death of an octogenarian

Mr. Williams Beale, aged eighty years and twenty days, died on Friday, February 16, 1900 at 11:30 p.m. at his home, &uot;Sunnyide,&uot; near Zuni, Southampton County. All of his children were gathered around his bed and he told them that he was perfectly willing to die-that he felt prepared to meet his dear Lord, whom he had served for many years. Mr. Beale left six daughters, one son, and a number of grandchildren.