Crime Line awards cash to callers

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 22, 2003

The Board of Directors of Suffolk’s &uot;Crime Line&uot; program gave away a pile of cash during this week’s meeting. They were astounded that nine criminals were picked up this week and it is all thanks to Crime Line callers who spotted the suspects after seeing their photos in the News-Herald.

Last year’s figures show that only $5,200 in rewards were paid to callers, but that number is expected to be exceeded this year because people are helping police capture wanted people.

Each Saturday, the News-Herald lists the Crime Line Wanted suspects and asks the readers to watch for them and call Crime Line at 539-1222, if they spot a wanted person.

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Faye Millhouse of the Police Department’s Warrant Bureau submits the photos to the News-Herald, and Police Officer Mike Simpkins provides information on the suspects. He is a veteran of the department who has worked as a detective and a motorcycle patrolman.

Simpkins told the Crime Line Board last Wednesday that one person called in to report on a suspect who was wanted on charges of possession of one and one-quarter pounds of marijuana, which would be worth about $2,000 in the street. That caller was paid $300 in cash.

Another caller was paid $100 for picking up a phone and making a call to Crime Line, reporting the location of a man who escaped police custody a few weeks ago.

Two men were captured after a caller reported their whereabouts. They were wanted on a string of drug charges as well as several other charges. Police seized one and one-half pounds of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, a 30/30 Marlin rifle, and $700 in cash in the raid in which the men were captured.

One suspect who was &uot;red flagged&uot; at the police department, meaning he was dangerous, was captured because someone called 539-1222, Crime Line.

Another caller was paid $250 cash when police captured two men wanted on burglary and grand larceny charges.

They were charged with a string of thefts from homes, and police recovered property in excess of $3,000 in value because of the caller’s information.

One caller said he saw the suspect’s photograph in the News-Herald and knew exactly where the man was staying. Police picked up the suspect, a man on the Crime Line’s Top 10 List, and the caller was paid $100 just for the phone call.

It is that simple. Make the phone call and if the suspect is captured, you will be paid cash. No questions asked about your identity. In addition, Crime Line callers never testify in court.

Callers to Crime Line are assigned a number with which they can pick up their cash. They do not give their name, address, or social security number. Only the Crime Line number assigned to them.

Officer Simpkins is the Crime Line Coordinator for the Police Department, and he is usually in the office to take information from callers. If he is away from his desk, leave your information and call back later for your Crime Line number.

Just let him know you are calling back with information you provided on the voice mail. Do not give your name.

This week’s Crime Line Wanted Flyer:

— Otis Lee Jackson Jr. 1409 Manning Rd., DOB 9/8/58, white male, 5’11&uot; tall, 220 pounds, wanted for felonious assault, stabbing in the commission of a felony, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, failure to appear, and assault and battery.

— Matthew Lee Jordan, 208 Whaley St., DOB 10/12/74, white male, 6’2&uot; tall, 185 pounds, wanted for 3 counts of violation of probation, 2 counts of habitual offender, hit and run personal injury.

— Mark A. Jowers, 18 Farragut St., Portsmouth, DOB 2/2/73, white male, 5’9&uot; tall, 195 pounds, wanted for failure to pay support, assault and battery.

— Tommy Wright Bass, 105 Castle Ct., DOB 4/23/75, white male, 5’9&uot; tall, 145 pounds, wanted on 2 counts violation of probation, indecent liberties with a child, aggravated sexual battery.

— Sharon Denise Bazemore , 39 Stacey Dr. Suffolk, or 1020 Cherokee Rd., Portsmouth, DOB 6/15/56, black female, 5’6&uot; tall, 229 pounds, wanted on 3 counts of violation of probation, 3 counts of 3rd offense larceny.

— Fenton Leroy Williams, 123 Eagle Ln. or 5756 Godwin Blvd., DOB 3/17/61, black male, 6’1&uot; tall, 200 pounds, wanted for failure to pay child support and aggravated assault.

— Lonnie A. Perkins, 1017 N. Main St. Economy Inn, DOB 11/17/82, black male, 5’9&uot; tall, 147 pounds, wanted on violation of probation, unauthorized use of an auto, 2 counts of failure to comply with community corrections program.

— Lynette Holland Knight, 807 Garfield Ave., DOB 3/9/60, race unknown female, 5’8&uot; tall, 165 pounds, wanted on 6 counts worthless checks.

— Sharon A. Manley, 2206 Vermont Ave., DOB 11/3/62, black female, 5’1&uot; tall, 140 pounds, wanted on violation of probation, and possession of cocaine.

— Angela E. Manley, 2206 Vermont Ave., DOB 10/19/63, black female, 5/6&uot; tall, 175 pounds, wanted on grand larceny.

— Russell Howell Cartwright, 3217 Longstreet Ln., or 910 E. Brooklyn Pk. Blvd., Apt. 1, Richmond, DOB 10/3/63, black male, 6’2&uot; tall, 200 pounds, wanted on 3 counts of worthless checks, domestic assault, failure to pay support.

— Michael Alonzo Boone, 609 Chisholm Ln., DOB 7/31/64, black male, 6’1&uot; tall, 200 pounds, wanted on worthless check charges, domestic assault and failure to pay support.

— Lucille Theresa Talton, 101 Elizabeth Dr., Corapeake, NC, DOB 5/6/64, white female, 5’8&uot; tall, 170 pounds, wanted for forgery, uttering, obtaining money by false pretenses.

— Harry Lee Council, 1848 Nansemond Parkway, DOB 11/19/62, black male, 6’2&uot; tall, 209 pounds, wanted for violation of probation, 3rd offense larceny and failure to pay support.

— Brenda A. Picot, 29640 Delaware Rd., Franklin, DOB 2/20/65, race unknown female, 5’2&uot; tall, 210 pounds, wanted on violation of probation, and possession of cocaine.