Put pressure on seminar attendees

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 13, 2003

Editor, the News-Herald:

I agree with Andy Prutsok’s column in the March 9 News-Herald 100 percent concerning Councilman Charles Brown’s extravagant three-week seminar (vacation?), paid in part by the taxpayers of Suffolk.

As a former product marketing manager in private industry, I, too, attended one and two-day seminars. It was expected and agreed that I would take serious notes, gather all the literature and prepare a like seminar for the sales force upon my return.


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Not once did I feel like a secretary. However, I did feel honored to represent my company and conducted myself accordingly.

I strongly suggest and challenge the newspaper or the new city manager to call for a daily register list of attendance and I’ll wager the findings would be interesting.

This is just another &uot;Surprising Suffolk&uot; good-old-boy technique and the hit-and-miss philosophy that caused me to relocate to heaven (Gates County, N.C.).

It’s a good thing tarring and feathering is illegal, isn’t it? How much more with the taxpayers stand for?

Roy W. Weaver Jr.

Gates, N.C.