Eures observing 50 years together

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 22, 2003

Suffolk News-Herald

Sam and Barbara Eure, natives of Suffolk, are celebrating their 50th anniversary today, and say they were destined to be together because their parents didn’t see it that way.

The couple marked the occasion with their four children, grandchildren and other family members by going out to dinner. Immediately afterward, everyone enjoyed cake and ice cream at the couple’s home.

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On March 23, 1953, this young couple ran away with friends to Hertford, N.C. to get married. Sam Eure Jr. was barely 20 and in the Air Force, and Barbara Harvell was only 17.

According to the Eures, it took some scheming because their relationship was met with skepticism by parents on both sides. However, with their friends’ help, they said their &uot;I do’s&uot; because they were very much in love and quite determined to be together.

Renee Eure Harrell, the Eure’s daughter, said that when her mama’s mama found out, she cried like a baby. &uot;My dad’s mom swore the marriage would never last. I think they were justified in their reactions to the whole thing considering how very young my parents were when they married, and their parents knew from experience that marriage is not an easy undertaking.

&uot;Now 50 years after that huge commitment, this very special day just goes to prove that true love does indeed conquer all,&uot; said Harrell.

When asked what it is that makes a marriage last for so many years, the couple agreed that there has to be a lot of giving and a lot of taking.

According to Harrell, her parents have always believed and taught all of their children that you have to be willing to accept the bad or not so good along with the good, and to love each another. This is what makes being married 50 years possible.