Miracles are made everyday

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 20, 2003

For children, this is a day for the Easter Bunny, brightly colored eggs and jellybeans. For adults, this is a day to celebrate the belief in a miracle. From West to East, South to North, Christians commemorate today in the belief that Jesus arose from the dead. As told in the four Gospels of the Bible, His grisly death by crucifixion – traditionally observed on Good Friday – is believed to be a self-sacrifice; suffered as a redemptive act to reconcile humanity with God.

Miraculous indeed.

While we don’t see such events on this scale in our lifetime, it’s the everyday wonders we need to remember and focus on in our lives.


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Most recently, the discovery of the POWs in Iraq and the rescue of Jessica Lynch come to mind. Winged angels may not have delivered them from further harm or death, but their salvation by human means is no less worthy of praise.

In this country, the majority of us have access to solid shelters, electricity, running water and proper sewage, communication and transportation in various forms. America is a virtual cornucopia of food, drink and comforts. More daily wonders.

Finally, just as much has been given to us, much is expected. We have an obligation to not merely pass along the &uot;luxuries&uot; to our children. We have to give them Christ’s instruction that we treat one another (and ourselves) properly. Most importantly, we have to forgive one another (and ourselves) when malice or mistakes occur. When that happens, then the miracle of Easter is evident.