Money, politics go hand in hand

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 24, 2003

Whether people aim for a political office, or work to remain in one, money is an inescapable part of the campaign. Getting the word out to people is almost always costly no matter if you want to be a sheriff or president of the United States.

It’s up to the candidate and his supporters to raise the money, and it’s up to organizations such as the Virginia Public Access Project to ensure the public stays abreast of what groups are currying the favor of our elected leaders by forking over the cash.. The group calls itself &uot;a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to improving public understanding of money in politics.&uot;

Recently, the group announced how much area candidates have received. Del. S. Chris Jones of the 76th District House of Delegates has $88,224 so far. Only two other House candidates have more. State Sen. Frederick M. Quayle, going for a fourth term, as $17,914 in cash on hand.

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We’ve no doubt about the integrity of either aforementioned candidates, in fact the amount they have received so far speaks quite well for them; people are willing to give so much to better chances for re-election.

We’re also glad for groups like VPAP that keep people informed of how money is involved in the political process.