There’s always time for prayer

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 2, 2003

One of the reasons for yesterday’s National Day of Prayer is for people to keep the country’s leaders steered in the proper direction where America is concerned. Moreover, what happens in Washington, D.C. frequently affects the rest of the world. The struggle in Iraq is the foremost example in mind.

But the prayers are not just for national/world leaders, but also state and local ones. Appropriately, Suffolk has had its own Leadership Prayer Breakfast (going on 19 years as of today). Aside from the early morning meal, there is a prominent speaker and singer who bring testimony in word and song. Thanks to the organizers, these guests never fail to inspire.

Not everyone was

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able to attend yesterday morning, but that’s no reason for residents to hold their own prayer breakfast, or lunch, or dinner. Prayer has few if any time limits.

Keep in your prayers today and thereafter

not only Suffolk, but the rest of Virginia, the nation, and the world, especially the U.S. forces in Iraq.