News-Herald ‘moms’ celebrate in style

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 11, 2003

Suffolk News-Herald

At least two Suffolk mothers are sharing &uot;Mother’s Day&uot; with a couple of unexpected gifts and quite a bit of notoriety, both of which were provided by their loving children, of course.

Deneen Addison of Godwin Boulevard, was extremely excited when her son, 10-year old Jamal, pulled her into the News-Herald office Friday, and presented her with a new huge basket of goodies and a keepsake teddy bear.

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Jamal, a student at Elephant’s Fork Elementary School, was an entrant into the &uot;Mother’s Day Draw Your Mom Contest&uot; that was featured in the pages of the News-Herald all last week.

&uot;I drew my mom with a headband on because she usually wears one,&uot; said a smiling Jamal. &uot;My mom is kind, loving and generous and she does whatever she can for me. I always get the presents from her but this time, I’m giving one to her. She is the best mom in the world!&uot;

Deneen and her husband, Willie Addison, are needless to say, proud of their son.

Elephant’s Fork Elementary School must be doing something right for their art students because the runner- up in the Draw Your Mom Contest was also a student from the school.

Samantha Lilley, 11, almost missed having her mom’s photo in the paper. Samantha and her brother, 9-year- old Zack, were so excited over winning a balloon bouquet attached to a container of chocolates that they had their dad, David Lilley, bring them on down to pick up the prize.

&uot;Mom is still at work at Portsmouth Naval Hospital,&uot; said Samantha. &uot;She’s is a nurse there. I drew her in her uniform, but my mom is pretty in everything she wears. She’s very sweet to me and took me and my grandma, Margaret Prokay, to Mall of America. It was a girls-only thing. Dad and Zack went somewhere to see a ball game. Zack is in SYAA and he plays pitcher, catcher, and infield positions. His team is 8 and 0 right now, and he wants to be a ball player when he grows up.&uot;

After picking up the gift for her mom, Samantha, Zack and their dad left the News-Herald with a hearty thanks. It didn’t take long before they were back, mom in hand. Although they’d been photographed already, they brought in a surprised Sharon Lilley to make sure she got her moment of fame.

Congratulations and best wishes to two of Suffolk’s best Moms!

Look for more fun and prizes in the pages of the News-Herald, and kids, keep those works of art coming. Oh, and for the adult readers, look for our trivia contests in which you, too, can be a winner!