Selling Avon a ‘calling’ for Patrice Weaver

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Suffolk News-Herald

It seems as if the quote &uot;Avon calling,&uot; used in commercials for so many years may soon be a thing of the past as far as Patrice Weaver is concerned. Now if you wish, you may do your calling on Avon at Patrice’s Avon.

Weaver, the owner at Patrice’s Avon at 3616 Pruden Blvd., officially opened her business to the public May 3. She said the product line has been a part of her life for many years.


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Weaver said that her father always told all of his children when they were growing up that they could do anything that they wanted to do if they put their minds to it. It paid off because her brother also owns a business

&uot;I remember when I used to put my son in his car seat and snow suit to make deliveries and now he is 22 years old. I even recall the time when I was a young girl and helped my aunt bag up and deliver orders when there were just a few fragrances to chose from such as Here’s My Heart, Bird of Paradise, and Charisma. These are no longer available or are hard to come across today,&uot; she said.

She said that they still bag and deliver Avon but it has come a long way. Now there are not only perfumes for women and colognes for men but in the brochures, there are clothes and accessories for men, women and children.

&uot;There are inspirational items to enhance our inner spirit and wellness items to keep our bodies in shape and healthy. There are also collector items and toys, and games for children too,&uot; she said.

Weaver said that she has worked ever since she was tall enough to reach up and punch in the keys on a cash register and is not afraid of hard work or working for what she wants to accomplish. She also said that nothing is free or easy.

&uot;I believe that it may have stemmed from my father also owning a business and me working with him as a child and learning the essence of business etiquette and responsibility. I know that I definitely come from a long line of entrepreneurs,&uot; said Weaver.

A part of Weaver’s talent also extends into the school system. She has been teaching for the past 22 years in the Hampton school system. She said that she knows that God can do anything but fail and that she is trusting Him to make her new adventure in Avon a success.

According to Weaver, teaching is her first love but she said that she has always had that itch to work in a business of her own.

&uot;I am hoping that the Lord will bless me to be able to retire early or have my business well established so that when I do decide to retire, I can live very comfortably. I would just love to be able to travel and to relax without any financial worries,&uot; she said.

For more information about the business, you may reach Weaver at (757) 923-9388