May 8 – VE Day

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 15, 2003

It came, it went and now it’s just a day last week. It was warm and sunny and not like what we had been getting. It had been rainy and cold – quite nasty.

That day, May 8, 59 years ago, lives in my memory – not as VE day. I was too busy fighting off labor pains to care about weather, the Japanese or St. Peter. But let’s start as the beginning.

I already told you I eloped after one date with the man who was responsible for those same labor pains I was going through and at the time murmuring, &uot;I’ll kill him.&uot; I’ve been told it goes with the territory. How was I to know? It was my first time.

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This all began in 1942 – the year was now 1944. I tell you these two years so there will be no counting to validate an early nine count (Worry not – I’d do it myself.).

I was living at my parent’s house. Frank was fighting the entire Japanese army the way doctors do. I was home and fat! Three brothers, all unmarried, were in the service -two Navy and one Coast Guard. When they had leave they came home to Mama.

So brother Bud was on leave and I was fat. Bud doesn’t miss a chance to make a bet and it all started with, &uot;When are you due, Sis?&uot; Told him first week in May. He answered, &uot;You’ll have a cute little girl.&uot; &uot;No way,&uot; I said, &uot;I’m having a boy – Frank, Jr.&uot; I knew he’d never let it drop since I didn’t agree with him. So I got, &uot;Bet?&uot; &uot;Sure, how much?&uot; &uot;Five bucks, I’ll go easy on you.&uot; So I agreed. Five dollars I say boy, he says girl.

So along came May and on the 7th I begin to get involved in an &uot;only women need apply&uot; project called labor. Men should try it. If so we’d have every family with an only child. They’d never even one increase.

So on May 8 she arrived. Not a he. I soon forgot the he and looked at my she. In the middle of her forehead was a perfect V. She was born in Chelsea Naval Hospital and the nurses took her all over the hospital declaring peace in the war was done as God sent a victory sign. One year to the day, May 8 was VE day. Victory!

The V stayed till age one. She was a beautiful, smart child. As to Bud – I sent him $5 in pennies all the way to the Solomon Islands. He was the talk of the regiment.

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Florence Arena is a resident of Hillcrest Retirement Center and a regular News-Herald columnist.