Mrs. Suffolk sets sights for new title

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 29, 2003

Suffolk News-Herald

Amy Susanne Spencer, &uot;Mrs. Suffolk International 2003,&uot; is planning an exciting July Fourth for herself and her husband, Tim. She’s planning on his walking her down the runway at the &uot;Mrs. Virginia International Pageant.&uot;

Spencer, a resident of Suffolk, said she is honored to represent the city, but she also has other plans.

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&uot;I would love to represent our community with its civic and non-profit organizations and the wonderful things they accomplish for the city,&uot; said Spencer. &uot;Suffolk is a city blessed with an abundance of good-hearted people who care about the community and the quality of life for all residents. I would love for everyone to know about the benevolent people here and this pageant is a great way to let them know we are a city of caring citizens.&uot;

For anyone who is not familiar with the Mrs. International Pageants, they offer recognition to married women for their accomplishments in family, profession and community services. The pageant emphasizes the virtues of elegance, confidence and intelligence.

&uot;This fall I was interviewed and accepted for the Suffolk delegation of the Virginia International Pageant,&uot; said Spencer. &uot;Contestants are carefully interviewed before their acceptance, and are expected to promote their platform and volunteer experiences to schools, civic clubs, their communities and surrounding corporations.&uot;

Spencer added that the role of Mrs. Suffolk International allows her to fulfill dreams of reaching out to the community to help others suffering at the hands of abusers.

&uot;The pageant allows me to spread a message of God’s love, hope, education, and the knowledge that there are ways to receive help, even in the worst of situations,&uot; said Spencer. &uot;As Mrs. Suffolk International, I am a spokesperson for Virginians Against Domestic Violence. I play an active role in promoting the family violence and sexual assault hotlines, raise public awareness about domestic violence, the assistance programs, shelters, and prevention.&uot;

Spencer’s goal if she is named Mrs. International; to speak as often as she can through a variety of public appearances. But before the pageant, there’s a lot of work and travel ahead.

&uot;We are planning to travel to Bristol, Va. July 2-5, 2003 for the Mrs. Virginia International Pageant,&uot; said Spencer.

&uot;Upon completion of the pageant I will be sharing by phone any advancement I make with those here back home. Once we return home, I plan to share my experiences and pageant scrapbook with everyone. I am eager to meet our community and would love to do so by making appearances. Appearance opportunities can include autograph signing, hosting grand openings, commercial spots, or general meet and greet with your customers.&uot;

Spencer, like any pageant contestant, must have the support of the community to make her goal a reality. She is seeking $895 in financial support to pay the pageant entry fee of $495, and the program ad, $400.

&uot;I have already raised $300 toward these expenses from outside sponsors,&uot; said Spencer. &uot;I would like to raise as much of the remaining costs as possible, and I am asking contributors to donate as much as they are able to help with the expenses of my goal of being named Mrs. Suffolk International.&uot;

Any person, club, civic organization, individual or business that would like to contribute toward Spencer’s expenses will have the satisfaction of knowing they have helped with pageant related costs. They will also offer opportunities to promote her stand against domestic violence, or they may place an ad for their business, club or civic group in the 2003 Mrs. Virginia International Program Book.

&uot;Sponsorship can be a form of advertising and promotion,&uot; said Spencer. &uot;By becoming a sponsor your company will receive a receipt for the contribution, recognition in the 2003 Mrs. Virginia International Program Book, priority consideration for requests for a public appearance, and priority sponsorship to support my reign as Mrs. Virginia International 2003 in the Mrs. International 2003 competition in September.&uot;

Sponsorship can also be a form of charitable donation.

By becoming a charitable donor, contributors will receive a receipt for tax purposes, and a very special thank you in the 2003 Mrs. Virginia International Program Book.

Any club, civic group, business, or individual who would like to help Mrs. Suffolk International become Mrs. Virginia International should call 934-3508 for more information on how to donate.