Work with city to fix Carver Cemetery

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 8, 2003

Editor, the News-Herald:

I feel that as a member of a family that purchased a burial lot in 1954 at Carver Memorial Park Cemetery when it was owned by the City of Suffolk, I should acquaint you with some of the rules and regulations as set forth in the booklet that I have in my possession. I shall list a few of the headings and at times quote some lines under them.

Title of booklet: Rules and Regulations of Suffolk Section of Carver Memorial Park Cemetery, Suffolk, Va.

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Forward: Only such regulations and restrictive measures are employed as have been deemed necessary to protect the interests of all and to preserve and improve the general appearance of this cemetery. Our objectives and ideals will provide for us and our successors proper shrines of sentiment and beauty.

Application and Sale of Lots, Burial Spaces, Reports to Council: Deeds&uot; &uot;The burial lot is a part of the property subject to perpetual care and upkeep out of and entitled to participate in the benefits from the Trust Fund known and designated as Carver Memorial Park Perpetual Care Fund, of which the American Bank and Trust Company, Suffolk, Va., or its successors and trustees. No deed shall be made except upon order of the Council and the execution of all such deeds shall be under the supervision of the City Attorney. The purchaser shall receive a deed to be signed and acknowledged in the name and on behalf of the City by the City Manager. The superintendent of the cemetery shall keep an accurate record of all burial spaces sold and shall promptly remit to the City Treasurer.&uot;

Other headings in the booklet are Monuments, Decorations, Interments, Persons Forbidden in Cemetery at Night, All Work in Cemetery to be Done Under Supervision of Superintendent or his Agent.

Riding and Driving: &uot;Persons driving in the cemetery will be held responsible for any damage done by vehicles under their charge.&uot;

I would suggest that the citizens or families who purchased burial lots when the City of Suffolk owned the cemetery carefully study your deed and the names listed when it was legally recorded: Suffolk-Trust Agreement for American Bank and Trust Co., City Manager and Clerk of the Court for Nansemond County.

We shall always be indebted to the late Mrs. Iva Mae Reid Sullivan who submitted the winning name for the cemetery.

I sincerely hope that the interested citizens of Suffolk will work with the present council members to rectify the deplorable conditions that exist today at Carver Memorial Park Cemetery.

Maddie Deloise Vann