Spencers thank MS supporters

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 13, 2003

The following is a thank-you note from Wayne and Matt Spencer to all those that competed in the Multiple Sclerosis 150 Bike Tour from May 31-June 1. The biking event raised over $300,000 for MS research.

This was another successful fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis for the Tidewater Chapter. There were only 503 riders this year, but as of May 31, we raised $306,000.00, and more pledges will be coming in till July.

This was Matt’s fourth ride and my third. We raised together almost $500 and hope to do more in 2004.


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Our Tae Kwon Do Club, Spencer’s Warrior Club, rode as a team, represented by Nansemond-Suffolk Academy seniors Neal Eike and Matt and Space and Warfare Command employees Gabe Jimenez and Wayne. This was Neal’s third ride and Gabe’s first.

If you don’t remember the weather that weekend, just think, cool-hot-rainy and WINDY! Never once did we get a tail wind, always a crosswind or head wind.

Sometimes only making three miles per hour. On Saturday, I had THREE flat tires the first 30 miles! I finally got a new tire and rim tape from the excellent bike support on the 150-mile course.

Other than waking up Saturday morning with an aching kidney stone and having to take Tylox all weekend, we had a great time.

We had a cookout at Chowan College Saturday evening and got stuffed for the Sunday ride back to Suffolk. I wish I had a trained more this year; I didn’t train at all and on Monday and Tuesday could barely walk. Thanks again for your support!

Matt and Wayne Spencer