Don’t neglect summer reading

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Listen! Hear that ? It’s the sound of people reading – most likely the latest episode in the history of Harry Potter.

While some literary snobs might dismiss the young wizard’s story and his battle with he-who-must-not-be named, we say that if children are reading, it’s a good thing. In fact, it’s a very good thing, especially when parents are reading with them.

Staff writer Jason Norman captures that enthusiasm in today’s story about people anxiously waiting at a Suffolk Wal-Mart for the new Harry Potter story.


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While summer is a time to leave school textbooks behind, it doesn’t mean that students of any age should abandon reason altogether for the sake of roller coasters and picnics at the beach. In fact, it’s an ideal season to read because many people make time to leisurely peruse favorite classics, self-help guides, the latest novel, or a guilty-pleasure paperback.

Don’t forget that the Suffolk library system has numerous shelves of books waiting for you. Also, there are the traditional summer reading programs unashamedly encouraging youngsters to read.

Don’t let your mind turn to mush. Keep it in fine tune by simply reading books…and reading our newspaper would also be a worthy endeavor.