Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Smile: For the small group of caring individuals who turned out for the Sept. 11 memorial service sponsored by the Citizen’s Academy Alumni Association.

Smile: For Suffolk Sheriff Raleigh Isaacs on being installed as president of the Virginia Sheriff’s Association.

Smile: For the spirit of giving locally, which had manifested itself in the form of more than $51,000 in donations received by the Red Cross from Suffolk residents as of last week to aid Hurricane Katrina victims.


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Smile: On the approval last week of Obici Hospital’s $6.9 million ambulatory surgery center, adding greater access to quality health care in Suffolk.

Smile: For Suffolk City Council in its decision at its retreat last week to seriously consider allowing the residents to select the mayor. It’s time Suffolk got on board with this positive trend among Virginia’s more progressive cities.

Smile: For statistics released last week showing the Hilton Garden Inn and Suffolk Conference Center has exceeded expectations during its first months. According to the numbers, released by the Suffolk Department of Economic Development, the hotel has maintained a 50 percent occupancy rate, 10 percent higher than anticipated, and has hosted more than 11.000 people at 180 meetings.

Smile: For Suffolk resident and Mississippi native Chris Parish who has worked tirelessly to aid Katrina victims. Parish took it upon himself to collect and deliver relief supplies.