A special fish fry

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 3, 2003

I went to a fish fry. You may shrug and say, &uot;So what?&uot; or maybe &uot;Big deal.&uot; But this was no ordinary fish fry, so pay strict attention as I have a fish fry story for you.

In Chuckatuck there is a volunteer fire department. No jumping ahead, please, as details are necessary in my fish story. Volunteers are very special breed. If they are sincere in why they volunteer you’re dealing with the best of the breed. Enough of idle chatter, back to the story.

These volunteers in Chuckatuck number 35. Twice a year they organize a fish fry. They are helped by a number of churches – all religions are welcomed with open arms. The numbers grow quickly. Word spreads and people in all nearby towns jump on the bandwagon. Enthusiasm for the fish fry grows. Time for the first one – with all these towns and religions excited about it. The first one takes place. Seems like a miracle takes place.

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Ready for figures? Thirteen hundred attend. Everyone is amazed. A second affair is planned. All this came about some years ago. Then it was decided to have it twice a year. From all the fish the following have resulted: an efficient and good-looking fire station was built, two well-equipped fire engines were

purchased, plus an emergency truck to administer first aid.

When I was a fry guest recently, I noticed how beautifully the engines, the station (built with fry money) and the emergency truck were all kept.

Now let’s go to the people who actually bring all this together. The volunteers number 35. They come a-running when there’s a fire. A cooking squad of 40 makes up those who keep the delicious fish and hush puppies coming without end. Oh, they were beyond belief. About 15 young and attractive women supervise the desserts. Such variety! If you’re dieting forget this fish fry or come and watch and suffer. It’s such

a great cause even your suffering will be worth it.

Florence Arena is a resident of Hillcrest Retirement Center and a regular News-Herald columnist.